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San here .oOooOo=:)

Eh hehehehe, I post first, and only for you because there's no one else here yet XD
Me? 26 whopping years, born bred and maintained in Berlin, germany.

Sooo. Yuuki-san. I found that his voice is a very important factor for me liking their group songs. Without his voice the sound of Weiß wouldn't be the same, he gives it a special touch! Yet, I've not been too knocked off my socks by the solos he did for the WK cds. I think they're...well. Hmm. Maybe it's the music...? I've only heard two solos yet, so I stay open for more input. Anyway, I seriously love him as a person, he's adorable. Watched that Jan ken pon clip where he's on the radio with Koyasu and Seki, and concluded that he 1.is very sweet 2.has a very dirty and un-Omi-like laugh @D@ which amused me muchly. He's either too thin though, or his pants are too tight - but that seems to be normal for seiyuus, from what I've seen so far. He, I'm very amused again, sorry to burden you with that.

Ja, and if you wonder why I only and exclusively make WK references, that's because it's the only show I've seen so far, except Rurouni Kenshin. We so lack anime here! *cries* The general lack of knowledge comes from the short timespan I'm into seiyuus - three months now. Now you know.
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